The Versatile Bigas RI27J CNG Pressure Reducer: A Replacement for OEM Regulators

Looking for a replacement for your vehicle’s OEM pressure regulator? Allow us to introduce the Bigas RI27J CNG pressure reducer. This innovative pressure reducer is designed to provide an efficient and cost-effective alternative to OEM pressure regulators that are no longer produced or often cost an exaggerated amount of money.

Broad Compatibility

The Bigas RI27J pressure reducer is compatible with various vehicle models and replaces the original pressure reducer in the following models:

  • Fiat Doblo, Panda, Qubo, Punto, Fiorino, Multipla, and Twin Air engines
  • Opel Zafira, Combo, Zafira Turbo II
  • Citroën C3
  • Renault Kangoo
  • Volkswagen Touran, Caddy
  • Mercedes B200, E200 Kompressor
  • Iveco IV260, Daily 2800 cc, and Daily 3000 cc

Moreover, this pressure reducer is suitable as a replacement for brands such as Teleflex GFi, Metatron Meta M, Meta Mon 5, Metatron ND1, Falcon, Landi Renzo.

The Benefits of the Bigas Pressure Reducer

The Bigas pressure reducer offers numerous benefits. Firstly, the original pressure reducer can be replaced with the compatible Bigas model. Furthermore, the Bigas pressure reducer costs only a fraction of an OEM pressure reducer. Lastly, no adjustment is needed in your vehicle’s software, making installation simple and convenient.

Available in 4 Variants

The Bigas pressure reducer is available in four variants, making it easy to find the right choice for your specific needs.

You can order these pressure reducers in our webshop. Through this table, you can check which pressure reducer is suitable as a replacement for your current pressure reducer.

Discover the benefits of the Bigas RI27J CNG pressure reducer today and experience the difference!

Valve Protection for Valvecare-Di Additive – New Packaging

The color of the additive used in Valve Protection and Valvecare-Di systems has been changed from “White” to “Red” to make it more visible inside the pipes and thus facilitate check and diagnostics operations. The well-known composition, with proven protection against valves, seats, and petrol injectors damages, remains unchanged. The “Red” additive is compatible with the “White” one, so that they can also be mixed in whatever quantity. The bottle changes too, for an easier identification of the new product: from metal to black plastic.

This additive is specifically designed for use in Valve Protection and ValveCare-Di systems. It is available in a 1 liter package and is recommended for use with Zavoli, BRC and OMVL systems. Some benefits of this additive include:

  • Reduces wear on valves, seats, and fuel injectors
  • Protects against corrosion and oxidation
  • Improves engine performance
  • Extends the life of the engine
  • Reduces emissions of harmful substances

You can order the additive on our webshop via this link.

Go green and save money with the Zavoli BORADVANCE LPG installation

Do you want to make your gasoline vehicle more environmentally friendly and efficient while saving money? LPG Techniek Van Meenen has the perfect solution for you: the Zavoli BORADVANCE LPG installation.

Our BORA DIRECT systems are suitable for the latest gasoline engines with direct injection and are among the most advanced technologies on the market. With these systems, you can enjoy various benefits, such as improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions of harmful substances.

The Zavoli Boradvance LPG installation works by injecting gas into the engine of your vehicle instead of gasoline. This results in cleaner combustion and reduces the emission of harmful substances. The installation is designed to work with modern gasoline engines with direct injection and is easy to install without major modifications to your vehicle. The gas is injected via the intake manifold and improves fuel efficiency, allowing you to save money on fuel costs. The Zavoli Boradvance LPG installation offers advanced technology that makes your vehicle more efficient and environmentally friendly without sacrificing performance.

With the Zavoli Bora Advance LPG installations, you can not only save money on fuel costs but also contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. We offer a comprehensive list of available kits for different types of vehicles, so you can always find a suitable solution for your vehicle.

Don’t hesitate any longer and upgrade your gasoline vehicle today with Zavoli Bora Advance LPG installations. Request a quote online here.

Save costs and protect the environment with LPG installations for hybrid vehicles

Hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to their low fuel consumption and reduced emissions. But what if you want to save even more on fuel while simultaneously protecting the environment? Then an LPG installation is the perfect solution!

Zavoli is a leading company in the development of LPG installations. With the latest generation Bora Advance system for gasoline direct injection vehicles, it is now also possible to convert hybrid cars to LPG. This means that many new models from Audi and Volkswagen are on the list for conversion.

By converting your hybrid vehicle to LPG, you not only save on fuel costs, but it is also better for the environment. LPG emits fewer harmful substances than gasoline or diesel. Furthermore, LPG is generally cheaper than gasoline or diesel.

Curious if your hybrid vehicle can be converted to LPG? Download the list of vehicles suitable for conversion:

In conclusion, if you’re considering purchasing a hybrid car, it’s definitely worth looking into the possibility of converting it to LPG. Save costs and contribute to a better environment!

LPG Injector Zavoli PAN JET

There are 3 models of injectors Zavoli PAN JET:

09SQ12000029 Injectors JET MY17 (600PAN. JET| MY18)

Improved version of the original PAN JET injector. Not compatible with Zavoli Alisei. Compatible with Zavoli Bora (configurable in the software). MY17 and MY18 are interchangeable.

Recognizable by:

  • Marking “type JET MY18” or “”type JET MY17” on the injector
  • Dark green coil

09SQ12000021 Injectors JET (600PAN. JET)

Original PAN JET injector. Compatible with Zavoli Alisei and with Zavoli Bora. These injectors can be used to replace the old Zavoli PAN injectors.

Recognizable by:

  • Light green coil

In the Software Zavoli Bora you need to select the right type of injector and the correct calibration nozzles in the software section “parameters” in the drop down menu. You cannot combine 2 different types of injectors in one car.

09SQ12000022 Injectors JET H40 (600PAN. JET H40

Used in certain types of direct injection engines.

LPG installation for direct injection with Prins VSI-DI

LPG installations for direct injection

New kits are available with Prins VSI-DI. With the kit from Prins VSI-DI, a wide range of vehicles can be equipped with an LPG installation (autogas).

Highlights in the new DI list:

  • Universal VSI-3 DI Basic ABC Kits
  • 1.5 TSI (DFYA)
  • New Ford F-150 3.5 & 5.0L MY 2021
  • Hyundai/Kia 1.6 T-GDI (G4FE / G4FT / G4FP)
  • BMW 3.0 (B58 B30)
  • Ford 1.0 (B3GA)
  • Honda 1.0 (P10A2)
  • Renault Megane RS 1.8TCe used Tractor
  • Volvo 2.0 (B420T2) on CNG
  • Suzuki 1.4 (K14D) on CNG

OMVL LPG installation

We are your servicenter for all OMVL systems. Parts are available from stock. Maintenance and repairs can be carried out immediately.

Old LPG installations from OMVL


OMVL Dream XXI N was omvl’s gas injection system. We have the injectors, evaporator and electronics for this system in stock.

OMVL Millenium

The OMVL Millenium system is a lambda controlled system from OMVL. All parts are still available from stock.

Evaporator OMVL Dream XXI N

This evaporator is available in different versions:

  • Art. 410509 for 4 cyl.
  • Art. 410521 for 5-6-8 cyl.

BRC Flying Injection

ECU BRC Flying Injection
Control unit

We have the equipment to adjust your installation BRC Flying Injection.

The BRC Flying Injection system is the forerunner of the current injection systems that BRC currently produces.

BRC evaporator

The Evaporator
This evaporator has the possibility to distribute the LPG in gaseous form under an absolute pressure, higher than that in the inlet.

BRC Smart

The Smart
The distributor, the BRC Smart, which is located between the atomizer and the evaporator, must ensure the control of the gas flux and redistribute it equally between the different branches of the inlet collector.

We have both the evaporator and the Smart in stock.

BRC Sequent

BRC SEQUENT is a multipoint sequentially controlled autogas system.

We have the equipment for adjusting your BRC Sequent system. Replacement parts are in stock.

Operation of the BRC SEQUENT system

The petrol ECU (steering computer) calculates how much fuel the engine needs to perform optimally. In this calculation, the petrol ECU takes into account the requested performance, temperature, speed, drive-ability, emissions, and so on….
From all these parameters, the petrol ECU then calculates an opening time of the petrol injectors.
The ‘SEQUENT’ system translates (interfaced) the opening time of the petrol injectors to the LPG/CNG injectors. In this way, while driving on LPG / CNG, the gasoline ECU continues to perform all programmed diagnoses unchanged (of course the gasoline injectors are switched off).
The OBD system also continues to function as it should both while driving on gas and petrol. The recalculation of the petrol injector signal is done via algorithms that ultimately ensure that the LPG/CNG injector injects into the same cylinder as the corresponding petrol injector. (ECU SLAVE)

Because ‘SEQUENT’ works in series with the petrol system, all original adjustments and programming of the petrol ECU remain in operation and are copied, as it were, 1 on 1 while driving on LPG / CNG. Think of, for example, speed limiter, interruption of the injectors when unloading gas, control of exhaust gases, traction control, etc …

The ECU compensates for engine aging by permanently adjusting the home folders. As a result, ‘SEQUENT’ evolves with the condition of your engine.
The emission test results show that with ‘SEQUENT’ the emissions of a EURO 3 vehicle still improve considerably and are close to a EURO 4, and this also in the long term. The tests ran over a longer period of time so that the aging factor of the catalyst was also included (aging). Errors of an original component of the engine registers the petrol ECU and reports it to the driver. This function is fully retained. Should the LPG system go wrong, the ‘SEQUENT’ ECU will, after localization, immediately and automatically switch to gasoline and thus protect the vulnerable catalyst and the engine.

In addition, exhaust emissions remain within the norm. The vehicle therefore remains within the OBD standard under all circumstances and at all times. With an optical and/or acoustic signal , ‘SEQUENT’ informs the driver if the engine automatically switches from gas to petrol. It is therefore not necessary to make the switch via the OBD known because the vehicle simply remains within all set OBD standards.

‘SEQUENT’ also automatically switches to petrol when the gas tank becomes empty. The driver can therefore keep both hands on the wheel and does not have to unnecessarily operate the fuel selection switch himself while driving.

BRC Plug&Drive

We have all the equipment and parts to work on the BRC Plug&Drive systems. Both the parts and complete systems are available from stock.

Does your BRC system need maintenance or repair? Contact us for an appointment with us or at a dealer in your area.

The Sequent Plug&Drive system is one of the most recent developments of the company BRC. This system was created based on the knowledge of the previous Sequent systems, but has a number of extra possibilities.

The system consists of the evaporator (Genius), the BRC injectors, the pressure and temperature sensor, the injector rail, and the control unit.

Compared to the previous systems, the main innovation can be found in the ECU (computer). The steering unit can communicate with the car’s OBD system. This was not possible with the previous systems. This allows for better integration with the vehicle’s petrol system.

Spare parts BRC Plug&Drive

Plug&Drive Control Unit

ECU BRC Plug&Drive

– Microprocessor 16 bit 40 MHz
– Resistant to following temperatures: -40°C + 105°C
– Waterproof
– Manufactured according to vehicle standards (in terms of protections and input and output signals)
– Operating voltage: 8 V ÷ 16 V
– Compatibility of the sensors and actuators with EOBD
– Communication and reprogramming with the PC via K-line
– KWP2000 communication protocol is supported
– CAN 2.0 communication is supported
– Can control up to 8 injectors
– Integrated injection interruption and emulation (so no separate module is required for this)
– Approvals: R67-01 – R110 – 2004/104/CE

The BRC-Injector

Impedance: 2.04 Ω / 2.35 mH at 20 °C
Resistant to temperatures between -40 °C and 120 °C (during use)
Voltage: 6 V ÷ 16 V
Approvals: R67-01; R110.

There are a total of 4 types of injectors, which are used depending on the power of the vehicle. The table below shows a distinction according to the power and the evaporator used.

Types of injectors  LPG Evaporator Genius MB800 LPG Evaporator MB1200 LPG evaporator MB1500LPG Evaporator Genius MAX
Normal Type Aspiring 17 kW/cyl. 21 kW/cyl. 23 kW/cyl.  – 
  Supercharged 22 kW/cyl. 26 kW/cyl. 28 kW/cyl.  – 
Max Type Aspiring  –  26 kW/cyl. 30 kW/cyl. 30 kW/cyl.
  Supercharged  –  32 kW/cyl. 36 kW/cyl. 36 kW/cyl.
Super Max Type Aspiring -35 kW/cyl. 35 kW/cyl.
Supercharged -42 kW/cyl. 42 kW/cyl.

PTS SENSOR for BRC Plug&Drive

This sensor measures both the gas pressure and the temperature.
– Weight: 22 grams
– Dimensions: ø= 24 mm, h= 64,5 mm
– An integrated connector is provided on the sensor
– The sensor can be used at temperatures between -30 °C and 130 °C.
– This sensor is homologated with both 67R-01 and R110.

BRC LPG injector
BRC LPG injector

Map sensor (manifoild pressure sensor)

This sensor weighs only 17 grams and has the following dimensions: diamger 33 mm, height 63 mm (including pipe). The sensor is suitable for measuring pressures between 0 and 2.5 bar, with a precision of 1.5% F.S. The output voltage is between 0 and 5 Volts.

BRC filter

With the Plug&Drive system, this filter is supplied for installation in the gaseous phase. The cartridge in this filter must be replaced in time, so that the injectors are protected against any dirt that is in the gas.

Both the complete filters and the cartridges are available from stock. Lpg filter replacement? We do it immediately for you with us in Eeklo without an appointment.


This round switch is operated with 1 push button, to switch between the petrol and the gas phase. In the switch is mounted a “buzzer”, which makes a sound when the tank is empty.

Four green LEDs indicate the tank capacity, and one red/green LED indicates whether you are driving on gas or petrol.

Evaporator BRC Genius MB

This 1-stage evaporator is available in 3 versions: MB800 (80 kPa pressure), MB1200 (120 kPa pressure) or MB1500 (150 kPa pressure). The largest evaporator of this type delivers a power of up to 160 kW (this is the type MB1500).

This evaporator has an R67-01 approval.

Evaporator BRC Genius MAX

This is also a 1-stage evaporator, but can have a power of up to 240 kW (with pressure 150 kPa). The evaporator also has an R67-01 approval.

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