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GFI was born, a private company in 1993, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada producing various high pressure components for the Automotive and Industrial CNG markets around the world. Following 7 years of rapid growth, GFI was acquired by the Teleflex Corporation and began trading as TeleflexGFI.

In 2002 the GFI brand came to Europe, through the acquisition of AG Autogas in The Netherlands.
This was shortly followed by the acquisition of Koltec Necam in 2003, another leading Dutch company involved in the design, manufacture and supply of bi-fuel (LPG&CNG) engine management systems.

The ensuing years (2003-2009) saw GFI continue to grow and expand its presence and reputation under the management of the Teleflex Corporation.
OEM programs were secured with Ford Motor Company, Volvo Car Corporation, GM (Vauxhall) and Renault.
Vehicle Importers in different European countries also recognized the advanced capabilities of the GFI products. This resulted in supply contracts for Subaru, Mazda, Peugeot, Citroen, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Lada and Suzuki.

In 2011, some of the GFI products were relocated to the headquarters of MTM srl, in Cherasco, Italy and some of them stayed in Kitchener, ON,

At MTM, the GFI products include a comprehensive range of alternative fuel components, system-level certified kits and best in class services. MTM continues to provide original equipment manufacturers (OEM), country distributors and aftermarket installers with a rich portfolio of solutions from concept to vehicle integration and assembly. Website factory:

At GFI in Kitchener, ON, Canada, the product portfolio includes CNG regulators, CNG tank valves and Hydrogen components. Goto to access information on these products.

LPG-Kits from GFI which are out of production

Hereby I make an overview from the kits which are out of production, but from which we have a solution for most of the parts at Van Meenen. For most parts we still have the new spare parts on stock, and if not on stock we can usually repair them.

Click to look into the product catalogue (old catalogue – products from AG, Koltec, Necam TeleflexGFI).

Logo EZ-SGI LPG systems

TeleflexGFI EZ-SGI Sequential Gas Injection

EZ-SGI (pronounced as easy-SGI) was a break-through for the LPG industry and the key to convert vehicles to LPG without cost consuming development projects.

Logo AG SGi


The AG SGI system was a sophisticated sequential injection system. The highly standardised components together with a minimum of electrical connections, make this system flexible.

Necam GSI (Gaseous Sequential Injection)

The NECAM GSI system was a state of the art sequential injection system. It has been using the components below.

The Necam GSI LPG injectors

The Necam injector for gaseous fuels uses patented technology to accommodate the most demanding automotive and industrial applications. These injectors were in use by major OEM’s worldwide. You can find them on Lada, Cadillac and Chevrolet mainly.

  • Gas injector suited for LPG/ CNG
  • Linear characteristics within 2%
  • 4 different capacity versions (2.0/ 2.25/ 2.75/ 3.4 mm)
  • Saturated driver
  • ECE R67-01/ ECE R-110 Certified
  • OEM validated
  • Insensitive to wear and pollution
  • Suited for rail connection
  • Flexible electrical connector possibilities
  • Pressure relief function


Recommended Inlet Pressure80-200 kPa
Max Flow Rate (2.75mm)LPG (196-204 kPa): 3 g/ s
 CNG (100-200 kPa): 1.95 g/ s
Durability500 million cycles
Minimum Injection Pulse3 ms
Operating Temperatures-20°C to +125°C
Linearity+/ – 2% (above 5ms Ti)
Static Flow Deviation+/ – 2%
Opening Time2.0 ms
Closing Time1.5 ms
Inlet (top feed)8 mm hose connection (E67R-01/ R110)
OutletTo customer specific requirements
Coil Resistance19 Ohm +0.5/ -1

The injectors are not produced anymore, but at Van Meenen we have a solution. The 3.4 injectors (mainly used on Cadillac) are still available on stock. We bought the stock from the Cadillac importer when they went bancrupt in Europe.

For the other types of injectors: we can do a revision from them. After the revision the injectors will work again like new.

Necam Mega distributor

The Necam Mega distributor was a part of the Necam Mega injection system.

The item is not produced anymore, but we can still do a revision from it. We can also repair the step engine which is on top of it, both for the standard version as for the Volvo CNG version. Contact us for repair. We can make a special offer for larger quantities.

We do not supply the repair kit seperately anymore. We only do the full repair.

Necam Mega distributor
Necam Mega distributor

LPG injectors AG SGI

We still have the AG SGI injectors on stock. The type we have is the 600050.

LPG reducer vaporiser AG SGI

Vaporiser AG SGI 1 stage

The AG reducer is produced in different versions. All of them are available from stock.

The AG SGI single stage pressure vaporizer uses patented technology
to accommodate the most demanding automotive and industrial
applications for major OEM’s worldwide.
• Transforms LPG from a liquid state into a vapour state
at a referenced outlet pressure (85 kPa)
• Integral liquid LPG shut-off valve
• Standard MAP referencing
• Optional LPG absolute pressure sensor
• Coolant heating
• Integral 30 micron inlet filter
• Integral pressure relief valve
• E67R-01 Certified
• OEM validated

Input Pressure200 – 2000 kPa
Output Pressure80 – 85 kPa (referenced to MAP)
Fuel Flow Rate (LPG normal)20 m3/h (46 kg/h)
Relief Valve Settings280 +/- 20 kPa
Integral Filter30 micron
Burst Pressure Inlet6750 kPa (acc. to E67R-01)
EnvironmentUnder hood
Operating Temperatures-20°C to +125°C
Mounting Point1x M8x1
InletSAE Flair 45° with M10x1 or M12x1
Outlet16 mm hose connection (E67R-01 approved)
MAP Reference6 mm hose connection
Coolant16 mm hose connection
Electrical12 Vdc, 11W
Specifications LPG vaporizer AG SGI