LPG installation

Why LPG?




Compared to petrol and diesel, LPG is very advantageous. The LPG litre price is 60 to 70 percent cheaper. Calculate your advantage.

Better for the environment

LPG has very little emissions, especially if you compare it to diesel and gasoline.
CO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions are much less. And LPG has virtually no particulate emissions which is important for public health.
With LPG you emit 22 percent less CO2 and 68 percent less NOx, compared to petrol. You emit 120 times less fine dust than with a diesel and 96 times less NOx than a diesel.


Longer lifetime LPG installation

Our LPG installations exceed the lifetime of your car.

Ives Van Meenen

The only component that is subject to movement are the LPG injectors. The life span of the injectors is between 60,000 and 200,000 km (depending on the type of injector and the contamination of the LPG). However, this is not an insurmountable cost.

With our premium LPG installation, the life span is longer than with our economy installation. The injectors of our premium installation are also less sensitive to oil-contaminated LPG.

We recommend the reducer of KME or Bigas. It is very exceptional that they go in failure.

If the LPG tank is mounted at the bottom, the tank may also be subject to rusting. When the LPG tank is installed at the bottom or outside (with pickup) rust formation can occur. Every 6 or 10 years you leave the LPG tank inspection, this is mandatory. At this LPG inspection we give the tank an extra protective layer against rust formation, if necessary.

We only assemble tanks of the highest quality, sprayed with powder paint and completely machine-welded. Our LPG tanks receive the same treatment as today’s carrsosseries. As a result, the risk of rusting is much lower.

Electricity LPG installation

With us you are sure of a good finish of your LPG installation.

Van Meenen solders all electrical connections and provides them with a shrink stocking. Moisture and water do not control the electrical installation. Not even after years of use.

We finish every electrical installation accurately with cable equipment. We use the same cable goat as this one that is original built into your car. The LPG installation is in many cases almost invisible.

Gas pipe and outdoor filler

When assembling the LPG installation, we place at the bottom of the gas pipe. It runs from the tank to the engine area. We never install the gas pipe in the passenger compartment itself. So you’re sure there’s never any gas in the passenger compartment.

Van Meenen covers the fasteners of the tanks against rust with a special undercoating. This way you will enjoy the LPG installation without any care for years to come.

If you bring the car, we’ll discuss the location of the outdoor filling valve. We have a lot of solutions here. In most cases we mount the outer filler behind the petrol valve.

Fuel switch

With almost every LPG installation we mount the fuel choice switch on the place of an original lid in the dashboard. This makes it look like this switch belongs originally to the car.

In our premium LPG installation, a sunken switch is also possible.

On the switch you can also see if you are driving on petrol or on LPG. On gasoline is the red light. And on LPG you see a yellow light. You can read the content via 4 green and 1 red LED.

Protection of the bodywork

You will gladly receive the car back as you brought it in. We do everything possible to prevent scratches. For this we use a protective film. This is the same foil that manufacturers use to protect new cars.