Camper LPG

Equip your motorhome with a fixed LPG tank to cook and heat? Or do you make better use of an lpg gas bottle?

Price for a fixed vapour tank or for LPG bottles.

Why LPG for your camper?

If you buy a normal gas bottle in Belgium, you are obliged to use it in full. If you want to hand in the bottle early, you’ll lose the gas that was in the bottle. If the bottle is empty, you can exchange them at the firm where you bought them. Or another distributor of that brand in Belgium.

If your bottle is empty abroad, you face a problem. You can’t exchange the Belgian bottle there.

Do you often make long trips with your camper to abroad? Then LPG is the solution. After all, you don’t have to change an LPG bottle anymore. You can just refill the bottle at any LPG gas station in Europe.

LPG bottle or fixed LPG tank?

A fixed tank can often be mounted at the bottom. So you don’t lose a seat. You can keep the existing propane bottles, in case of an emergency, or you can use the space for the bottles as cargo space.

LPG bottles have the advantage that the installation is cheaper. And you can use our lightweight aluminum bottles to keep more load weight free.

A fixed vapour tank on the place of the spare wheel

We can always mount a tank on the place of your spare wheel. In that case you leave your spare wheel at home or in the garage of your camping car. We have 2 sizes on stock:

  • Toroidal tank diameter 600mm x height 230 mm – capacity 55 litres (DTG60005514) – empty weight 24.5 kg
  • Toroidal tank diameter 630mm x height 225 mm – capacity 58 litres (DTG63005814) – empty weight 26.5 kg
This vapour LPG tank in the shape of a wheel is mounted at the place of your spare wheel.

Horizontal fixed LPG tank

We deliver and mount fixed LPG tanks with vapour outlet, to be fixed under or inside your camping car. These tanks are used for cooking or heating. They cannot be used to drive on LPG, because the outlet of the tank is in vapour phase. An LPG tank which is used to drive has the outlet in liquid phase. The gas leaves the tank in as a liquid.

We can supply just the parts or we mount the tank in our workshop in Eeklo, Belgium.

All our fixed LPG tanks have a European homologation 67R01, which is accepted in all countries from Europe. Standard we deliver the tanks with a manual outlet valve, but on your request we can also deliver the tank with an electronic valve, without extra cost.

Vapour LPG tank for motorhome

The valves are mounted in a position of 105°.

Vapour tanks available from stock

The following sizes are available from stock:

Art. no.Size (ltr.xdiameterxlength in mm)
100040-89Vapour tank 16ltr.x200x548 including valves and gas tight cover
100040-90Vapour tank 20ltr.x200x717 including valves and gas tight cover
100040-97Vapour tank 23ltr.x230x630 including valves and gas tight cover
100040-95Vapour tank 25ltr.x200x884 including valves and gas tight cover
1000410Vapour tank 30ltr.x200x1050 including valves and gas tight cover
100041Vapour tank 30ltr.x270x607 including valves and gas tight cover
1000411Vapour tank 38ltr.x230x1014 including valves and gas tight cover
100042Vapour tank 40ltr.x270x792 including valves and gas tight cover
1000425Vapour tank 40ltr.x300x646 including valves and gas tight cover
100043Vapour tank 55ltr.x270x1069 including valves and gas tight cover
100049Vapour tank 55ltr.x360x629 including valves and gas tight cover
100046Vapour tank 60ltr.x300x940 including valves and gas tight cover
100044Vapour tank 60ltr.x315x869 including valves and gas tight cover
1000441Vapour tank 70ltr.x300x1088 including valves and gas tight cover
100045Vapour tank 70ltr.x315x1004 including valves and gas tight cover
100050Vapour tank 85ltr.x360x944 including valves and gas tight cover
100047Vapour tank 100ltr.x360x1087 including valves and gas tight cover
100048Vapour tank 120ltr.x360x1298 including valves and gas tight cover
LPG damptanks van GZWM, leverbaar uit voorraad.

The attachment of the tank to the camper is done through a frame that is mounted against the chassis. The tank is attached to the frame with brackets.

Vapour tanks available to order

The following vapour tanks are available to order. These tanks are delivered in black color with a red strip to indicate that it is vapour gas. The delivery time is 1 to 6 weeks.

LPG vapour tanks available to order

Table with LPG vapour tanks, available to order. Above: diameter. Left: contents in liter. In the middle: length per tank in mm.

The valves in these tanks at 60° by default (90° = horizontal; 0° = vertical). We can also supply these tanks with the valves at 90° or at 0° for a supplement of 60 euros.

These tanks can also be delivered with legs welded to the tanks. The tank can then be attached to the bodywork with these legs. For a tank up to 100 litres the price is 60 euros for the legs. For a larger tank the price is 120 euros, then double legs are welded. For tanks with legs welded on it, a strength calculation is possible (note the calculation).

Weight of the tank

To give an idea of the empty weight of an LPG tank, here are some examples:

  • 20 Ltrs. – 13 kg
  • 30 Ltrs. – 17 kg
  • 40 Ltrs. – 20 kg
  • 55 Ltrs. – 26 kg
  • 80 Ltrs. – 32 kg
  • 100 Ltrs. – 37 kg
  • 150 Ltrs. – 48 kg
  • 200 Ltrs. – 55 kg

Weight example

Calculation of the weight of a full LPG vapour tank of 20 liters.

  • Weight of LPG: 20 litres gross can be filled to maximum 80 percent. So net you fill 16 liters, this corresponds to 8 kg of gas.
  • Weight of the tank: 13 kg.
  • So the total weight of a full tank is 21 kg (8 + 13 kg).

We mount the tank while you wait

We mount a fixed LPG vapour tank in one day.

For LPG bottles with an outside filling connection you have to count on several hours of work. You can book an appointment online on We’ll fix the bottles while you wait.

For a fixed tank we proceed as follows. We make an appointment for the assembly (best by phone or by email). The assembly takes place in one day. In the morning we start at 9 o’clock and by the evening the assembly is ready. You can stay with the camper but you can also use our car if you would like to visit Bruges or Ghent. The area around Eeklo is also excellent for a nice bike ride. Free coffee is available in our waiting room and there is also wi-fi.

Before we start we look at the possibilities (type of tank and place). All tanks are in stock, so we can start assembly immediately. We are flexible, everything is viewed together with you (place tank, place outdoor filler and mounting any options).

Because we have the most important tanks in stock, there is no need to come along in advance to see the possibilities.

Possible options when mounting LPG bottles or a fixed tank.

Position of the valves on a horizontally mounted vapour tank

In the case of the horizontal vapour tanks in red color, the valves are at 105° as indicated below. The tank must be in the correct position (“TOP” on the meter must be pointing to the top and the same for the 80 percent filling valve).

With the custom-made vapour tanks, the valves are at 60° by default.

FAQ LPG tanks for camper van

Can I continue to use my existing bottles?

You can still connect and carry one or 2 traditional gasbottles in addition to the fixed tank. So you have backup in case you run out of LPG.

Can I use LPG in freezing weather?

You can also refuel and use LPG at the coldest temperatures (even if you were going to the northernmost point in Scandinavia). If you are going to a cold destination, you should refuel LPG on site. LPG consists of a mixture propane and butane. Butane freezes at about 1° Celsius and can therefore no used at a lower temperature.
However, if you go to a cold destination, you will just refuel pure propane. For example, in Norway, the LPG contains all year round 100 percent propane.

Can I connect my barbecue to the LPG installation?

Yes, you can. We can mount a connection on the outside of your camper so that you can easy connect your barbeque or even an external heater. We provide a professional installation with a plug-in system.

Is an additional distribution valve possible?

Yes, it is possible. All parts are in stock, an additional distribution valve can be mounted.LPG distribution block

Can I mount with the LPG tank or the bottles open?

If your camping car is equipped with the regulator Truma Secomotion, we will connect the LPG vapour tank or bottles to this regulator. So then you can use the LPG while you drive with the camper. If you do not have this yet, we can also mount it in our workshop in Eeklo. We have the parts on stock.

Can I read the content of the tank inside the camping car?

Yes, it is possible. We can mount a level indicator inside your camping car. So you cean easy read the current level of gas inside your camping car.

I read that the tank can be mounted under the camping car. Is this only the case for the tanks which are custom-made, or is it also possible for the tanks which are “on stock”?

All our tanks can be fixed under the camping car. For the mounting of the tanks, we work with fixing belts. These belts are available for tanks with a diameter 300, 315 of 360 mm). Or we work with a frame which is fixed to the chassi of the camping car. The tank is then strained with tyres on the chassis. When we fix the tank under the camper, we will use always at least 3 straps. So when one of the straps would break, the tank will always remain in position.
For the “custom-made” tanks there is also an additional possibility. These tanks can be fixed with legs which are welded to the tank. This option is not possible with the tanks that are available from stock.

I estimate that I will consume 700g/day (three gas basins, an oven and a frigo). With a tank of 40 liters, that gives an autonomy of about 33 days. Is that correct?

700 g/day= 1.4 liters of lpg / day (1 kg = 2 liter lpg). The 40-litre tanks can be filled with 32 litres of LPG. So with 32 liters you can do 23 days at a consumption of 1.4 liters per day.

What size of LPG tank can be mounted in my motorhome?

With an motorhome with a polyester structure, a tank of 55 litres or 70 litres can usually be mounted at the bottom.
In some cases, 85, 100 or even a 120 litre tank can be fitted with the larger mobile homes. In the larger mobilhomes, the LPG tank is also often chosen to be fixed in the garage. There is generally always a 120 liter tank possible.
For a camper van (without polyester body), mostly we mount a tank on the place of the spare wheel. Then you will get a capacity from 55 or 58 liter. A cylindrical tank is of course also possible, but then you are limited in volume. In a Volkswagen Westfalia, a tank of 20, 25 or 30 litres is possible at the bottom (or at the site of the 55-litre spare wheel).
We always look at the possibilities on site when you bring the camper for conversion.