New List of Zavoli Bora Advance LPG and CNG Kits

We are excited to inform you about the publication of our latest list of Zavoli Bora Advance LPG and CNG kits, as of 30 November 2023. This list is now available for download in PDF format.

The Zavoli Bora Advance systems are designed for a wide range of vehicles, suitable for engines of all power levels as well as for the latest generation (DI & DI-MPI) vehicles. These systems comply with Euro 6D NEDC or WLTP standards, offering smoother, more powerful performance with lower emissions and greater savings.

Installing a Zavoli Bora Advance LPG system not only saves on fuel costs but also contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment. We offer an extensive list of available kits for various types of vehicles, ensuring you always find a suitable solution for your vehicle.

Download here the new list of Zavoli Bora Advance LPG and CNG kits.

Why the use of approved LPG filling hoses is essential

Recently, concerns have arisen about the sale of non-approved LPG filling hoses on the market. In this article, we explain why it is important to pay close attention when purchasing hoses suitable for high-pressure LPG and why using approved hoses is essential for the safety and reliability of LPG installations.

Perforated gas hoses versus hydraulic hoses: The main difference between an LPG gas hose and a conventional hydraulic hose is that a gas hose is ‘perforated.’ This means that small holes have been made in the outer sheath layer of the hose. These holes act as a kind of membrane, allowing gas to escape and evaporate in a controlled manner between the inner and outer layers. In a non-perforated hose, this is not possible, which can lead to blistering in the hose due to the pressure of the gas. This causes gas-filled deformations in the outer sheath. For this reason, ordinary hydraulic hoses should not be used for gas.

European regulation – Regulation 67 (R67): The safety and reliability of LPG installations are regulated by European rules, namely the so-called Regulation 67, or simply R67. This regulation describes in detail the requirements and specifications that must be met. National inspections throughout Europe adhere to these rules. Moreover, these legal requirements for installations are also a prerequisite for insurers to provide coverage for a vehicle.

Categories of gas hoses according to R67: R67 divides gas hoses into two categories based on their maximum working pressure:

  1. Hoses with a maximum working pressure up to 4.5 BAR (class 2). Class 2 hoses are in no case suitable for filling and can only be used in the low-pressure section.
  2. Hoses with a maximum working pressure up to 30 BAR (class 1). This type applies to LPG filling hoses, as well as hoses that form the connection between the fuel tank and the high-pressure side of the pressure regulator).

The specific application of a gas hose in an installation thus depends on the pressure. For comparison: the pressure in an inner tube of a racing bike is usually between 6 and 8 BAR.

Supervision of R67: The government strictly enforces compliance with R67. Homologation according to these standards is an extensive and costly process, and manufacturers are regularly checked through audits to ensure R67 compliance. For cars, this coincides with the periodic (annual) inspection. Although R67 is easy to download, one should be aware that the document consists of approximately 150 pages.

Conclusion: It is of great importance to use only approved LPG filling hoses that comply with European R67 regulations. With us, you can confidently purchase flexible filling hoses that meet the requirements of R67 class 1. We distribute hoses from the renowned brand Parker, a reliable choice for your LPG installation. This way, you know for sure that you are investing in quality and safety, and you are guaranteed a reliable and durable product.

How can you check if the hose is R67 Class 1 approved?

To verify whether an LPG hose complies with R67 regulations, you should check the following markings on the hose:

  • LPG
  • “EХ 67R-01 XXXX”
  • Class 1

If the hose contains these markings, you can be sure that it is an approved R67 class 1 hose.

Consult invoice history webshop

Did you place an order on our webshop (, and you didn’t receive the invoice by email?

It can happen that your email is rejected by your email server. However, you can still view the invoice online through the webshop. Even if the payment was not successful, you can find the invoice there, so you can manually transfer it.

You can do this as follows:

  1. Click on “My Account”
  2. Click on “My Invoices”

LPG Injector Zavoli PAN JET

There are 3 models of injectors Zavoli PAN JET:

09SQ12000029 Injectors JET MY17 (600PAN. JET| MY18)

Improved version of the original PAN JET injector. Not compatible with Zavoli Alisei. Compatible with Zavoli Bora (configurable in the software). MY17 and MY18 are interchangeable.

Recognizable by:

  • Marking “type JET MY18” or “”type JET MY17” on the injector
  • Dark green coil

09SQ12000021 Injectors JET (600PAN. JET)

Original PAN JET injector. Compatible with Zavoli Alisei and with Zavoli Bora. These injectors can be used to replace the old Zavoli PAN injectors.

Recognizable by:

  • Light green coil

In the Software Zavoli Bora you need to select the right type of injector and the correct calibration nozzles in the software section “parameters” in the drop down menu. You cannot combine 2 different types of injectors in one car.

09SQ12000022 Injectors JET H40 (600PAN. JET H40

Used in certain types of direct injection engines.

LPG installation for direct injection with Prins VSI-DI

LPG installations for direct injection

New kits are available with Prins VSI-DI. With the kit from Prins VSI-DI, a wide range of vehicles can be equipped with an LPG installation (autogas).

Highlights in the new DI list:

  • Universal VSI-3 DI Basic ABC Kits
  • 1.5 TSI (DFYA)
  • New Ford F-150 3.5 & 5.0L MY 2021
  • Hyundai/Kia 1.6 T-GDI (G4FE / G4FT / G4FP)
  • BMW 3.0 (B58 B30)
  • Ford 1.0 (B3GA)
  • Honda 1.0 (P10A2)
  • Renault Megane RS 1.8TCe used Tractor
  • Volvo 2.0 (B420T2) on CNG
  • Suzuki 1.4 (K14D) on CNG

LPG adaptors for Safefill gasbottles

The gasbottles from Safefill have a female POL connection.

For the filling we recommend to order the following:

The gasbottles from Safefill have a female POL connection.

For the filling we recommend to order the following:

  • Connector to Shell
    This adaptor you will also need to use the bottle if you need a Shell male thread.

With this solution, the left/female adaptor is not needed anymore:

This adaptor is not needed anymore.

Approval 67R-01 for GPL

We provide 67R-01 certification documents for LPG parts. We have approvals for all brands.

For your request, please email us:

  • brand of the LPG part
  • description of the item
  • registration number 67R-01

This service is free for customers. If you are not a customer: the price is 25 euro for up to 5 documents. For more documents: 5 euro per document.

For the GZWM brand, you can telemute approvals directly from their website: You follow the link to the product, and on the right you find the registration form.

Also for the BRAND STAKO, it can be found on their website