CNG reducer for different types of engines by Bigas

RI27J is the new CNG pressure reducer developed and manufactured by Bigas. Compatible with various vehicle models, the RI27J guarantees a better installation on the engine also thanks to its compact design. RI27J is available in 4 different variants – each corresponding to a specific range of working pressure – which cover the entire range … Read more


DT-GAS was a Polish manufacturer of LPG parts. Unfortunately, the manufacturer DT-GAS is no longer active and therefore these parts are no longer made. However, we have replacement parts in stock for all parts. Have your DT-GAS LPG installation serviced by us. We have the adjustment equipment for the correct adjustment of your LPG installation. … Read more

Romano Autogas

Romano is a manufacturer of LPG and CNG installations from Naples, Italy. Romano produces virtually all components themselves except the LPG tanks. The factory is state-of-the-art and this company has grown very strongly in recent decades. For several years Romano has also had his own production of electronics in Reggio Emilia. Romano is known for … Read more

LPG installation Porsche – for which models can it?

Porsche 911 With a Porsche 911, the older models are in principle possible with multipoint injection. However, there is only room for a tank on the back seat. So the back seat disappears in that case. The newer models (from 2007) are equipped with a direct injection engine and cannot be equipped with an LPG … Read more