Valve Protection for Valvecare-Di Additive – New Packaging

The color of the additive used in Valve Protection and Valvecare-Di systems has been changed from “White” to “Red” to make it more visible inside the pipes and thus facilitate check and diagnostics operations. The well-known composition, with proven protection against valves, seats, and petrol injectors damages, remains unchanged. The “Red” additive is compatible with the “White” one, so that they can also be mixed in whatever quantity. The bottle changes too, for an easier identification of the new product: from metal to black plastic.

This additive is specifically designed for use in Valve Protection and ValveCare-Di systems. It is available in a 1 liter package and is recommended for use with Zavoli, BRC and OMVL systems. Some benefits of this additive include:

  • Reduces wear on valves, seats, and fuel injectors
  • Protects against corrosion and oxidation
  • Improves engine performance
  • Extends the life of the engine
  • Reduces emissions of harmful substances

You can order the additive on our webshop via this link.

Go green and save money with the Zavoli BORADVANCE LPG installation

Do you want to make your gasoline vehicle more environmentally friendly and efficient while saving money? LPG Techniek Van Meenen has the perfect solution for you: the Zavoli BORADVANCE LPG installation.

Our BORA DIRECT systems are suitable for the latest gasoline engines with direct injection and are among the most advanced technologies on the market. With these systems, you can enjoy various benefits, such as improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions of harmful substances.

The Zavoli Boradvance LPG installation works by injecting gas into the engine of your vehicle instead of gasoline. This results in cleaner combustion and reduces the emission of harmful substances. The installation is designed to work with modern gasoline engines with direct injection and is easy to install without major modifications to your vehicle. The gas is injected via the intake manifold and improves fuel efficiency, allowing you to save money on fuel costs. The Zavoli Boradvance LPG installation offers advanced technology that makes your vehicle more efficient and environmentally friendly without sacrificing performance.

With the Zavoli Bora Advance LPG installations, you can not only save money on fuel costs but also contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. We offer a comprehensive list of available kits for different types of vehicles, so you can always find a suitable solution for your vehicle.

Don’t hesitate any longer and upgrade your gasoline vehicle today with Zavoli Bora Advance LPG installations. Request a quote online here.

Save costs and protect the environment with LPG installations for hybrid vehicles

Hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to their low fuel consumption and reduced emissions. But what if you want to save even more on fuel while simultaneously protecting the environment? Then an LPG installation is the perfect solution!

Zavoli is a leading company in the development of LPG installations. With the latest generation Bora Advance system for gasoline direct injection vehicles, it is now also possible to convert hybrid cars to LPG. This means that many new models from Audi and Volkswagen are on the list for conversion.

By converting your hybrid vehicle to LPG, you not only save on fuel costs, but it is also better for the environment. LPG emits fewer harmful substances than gasoline or diesel. Furthermore, LPG is generally cheaper than gasoline or diesel.

Curious if your hybrid vehicle can be converted to LPG? Download the list of vehicles suitable for conversion:

In conclusion, if you’re considering purchasing a hybrid car, it’s definitely worth looking into the possibility of converting it to LPG. Save costs and contribute to a better environment!

LPG Injector Zavoli PAN JET

There are 3 models of injectors Zavoli PAN JET:

09SQ12000029 Injectors JET MY17 (600PAN. JET| MY18)

Improved version of the original PAN JET injector. Not compatible with Zavoli Alisei. Compatible with Zavoli Bora (configurable in the software). MY17 and MY18 are interchangeable.

Recognizable by:

  • Marking “type JET MY18” or “”type JET MY17” on the injector
  • Dark green coil

09SQ12000021 Injectors JET (600PAN. JET)

Original PAN JET injector. Compatible with Zavoli Alisei and with Zavoli Bora. These injectors can be used to replace the old Zavoli PAN injectors.

Recognizable by:

  • Light green coil

In the Software Zavoli Bora you need to select the right type of injector and the correct calibration nozzles in the software section “parameters” in the drop down menu. You cannot combine 2 different types of injectors in one car.

09SQ12000022 Injectors JET H40 (600PAN. JET H40

Used in certain types of direct injection engines.