LPG Injector Zavoli PAN JET

There are 3 models of injectors Zavoli PAN JET:

09SQ12000029 Injectors JET MY17 (600PAN. JET| MY18)

Improved version of the original PAN JET injector. Not compatible with Zavoli Alisei. Compatible with Zavoli Bora (configurable in the software). MY17 and MY18 are interchangeable.

Recognizable by:

  • Marking “type JET MY18” or “”type JET MY17” on the injector
  • Dark green coil

09SQ12000021 Injectors JET (600PAN. JET)

Original PAN JET injector. Compatible with Zavoli Alisei and with Zavoli Bora. These injectors can be used to replace the old Zavoli PAN injectors.

Recognizable by:

  • Light green coil

In the Software Zavoli Bora you need to select the right type of injector and the correct calibration nozzles in the software section “parameters” in the drop down menu. You cannot combine 2 different types of injectors in one car.

09SQ12000022 Injectors JET H40 (600PAN. JET H40

Used in certain types of direct injection engines.