LPG inspection

Inspection of LPG installation

LPG tanks must be periodically approved. If your tank is mounted inside the vehicle, it must be re-inspected every 10 years. Tanks mounted outside (or in open trunk at pickup) are approved every 6 years. During the re-inspection, the filling hose is also replaced.

The tank is subjected to a pressure test and is checked for leaks. If the tank meets the standards, it shall be marked with a new date and mark.

Your LPG tank needs to be re-approved?

We disassemble the LPG tank from your vehicle while you wait. You can continue driving on gasoline. Book an appointment online or call us.

We approve once a week. If you book the disassembly appointment on Monday at the latest, we can reassemble the approved tank from Wednesday the same week (you may book both appointments online).

Your LPG tank will be re-approved without missing your car for a day.

Inspection lpg gas bottle

An LPG gas bottle can be used for 10 years. After that, it must be re-inspected. The 10-year term runs from the production date. You can read these on the bottle.

You can contact us for the inspection of your LPG gas bottle. You bring the bottle in at the latest on Monday and then the bottle can be picked up back from 9am on Wednesday. There’s no need to make an appointment.

Inspection on the same day is by no means possible. If the bottle is brought in on Tuesday, it will not be ready until the Following Wednesday.