Scooters on LPG

LPG Technology Van Meenen and his dealers: specialists in converting scooters to LPG.

After a long research and development, LPG Techniek Van Meenen presents the Scooter Gassystem 2004.

This system offers many advantages:

  • Super cheap driving;
  • Very compact and easy to install;
  • Performance retention;
  • Less burdensome for the environment;
  • Longer engine life;
  • Proven safety;
  • No loss of maneuverability.

This system is built in parallel to the petrol system, so you can still run on petrol.

For assembly in Eeklo we only work with projects with a minimum number of 100 scooters. Individual parts or kits are available in a smaller quantity. We only deliver these parts to professional customers.

Tanks for scooters

Special tanks have been developed in the form of a helmet. This can be easily mounted in the compartment where you normally store your helmet in the scooter.

These tanks have a capacity of 6.5 liters. Dimensions: diam. 244 mm, height 201 mm. The LPG tanks have a European homologation 67R-01 and are therefore approved to be used in scooters.