LIMA LPG Systems


The Lima-ECU controls the LPG system by:

  • Measuring the OEM signals, petrol-injectors, rpm, MAP, coolant, etc.
  • Controlling the Lima LPG-solenoids
  • Controlling the Lima LPG-injectors
  • Shutting off the petrol-injectors
  • Displaying fuel choice
  • Communication with the diagnostics program
  • Injector drivers based on “closed loop peak & hold current control”
  • Constant monitoring of the injector diagnostics:
    • Overload
    • Driver temperature
    • Short circuit
    • No load
  • Communication with the diagnostics program
  • Diagnostics software compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista
  • CAN-controller (2.0b) enables communication with OEM CAN-bus

The reducer

This device converts liquid LPG to vaporized LPG using the coolant system of the engine. It also serves to reduce the tank pressure to working pressure.

TypeDiaphragm type, single stage pressure reducer.
Min.  input pressure 2 bar (30 Psi).
Max. input pressure  18 bar (260 Psi).
Working pressure 0.6 Bar (9 Psi) to 1.6 bar (23 Psi) (adjustable).
Fuel Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).
Gas outlet Rotating elbow connection, 16mm outside diameter
Torque settingfront / rear cover bolts 8 +0.5 Nm
Coolant connections 2 Rotating elbow connections, 16mm outside diameter
Weight 2.1 kg (including shut-off solenoid valve).
Operating temperature From -40° C to 120°C (-40° F to 248° F).
Max. operating pressure 4.5 bar (65 Psi) according to R67-01 (Opening of the pressure relief valve).
Remarkall pressures are absolute

LPG Filter Unit

This device is filtering the fuel to prevent damage to the injectors. The filter unit is also equipped with a pressure/temperature sensor for the fuel.

TypeReplaceable filter. 
Layer 3-fold fibreglass layers 
Max. input pressure 18 bar (260 Psi) 
Working pressure 0.6 bar (9 Psi) up to 1.6 bar (23 Psi). 
Operating temperature From -40°C (-40°F) to 120°C (248°F). 
Gas inlet 16 mm outside diameter, straight. 
Gas outlet 11 mm outside diameter, one or two connections. 
Weight 0, 11 kg. 
Fuel Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Compressed Natural Gas CNG). 
Max. operating pressure 4.5 bar (65 Psi).

LPG Injectors

Gaseous Fuel Injectors with 0.45 MPA max working pressure, electrical coil resistance of 2.5Ohm, AMP/Delphi superseal incorporated connector. The injectors are available in different versions with 2, 3 and 4 injectors, with gas INLET option for both sides of the rail.