About Us


Van Meenen is the largest wholesaler for lpg and cng conversion kits and parts in Western Europe. Our systems can be placed on cars, mobile homes, forklifts, generators, boats, karts, scooters etc. The company is housed in a building of 7000 m². We are the only company where you can order, purchase, pick up and have each part delivered separately or a full installation of all existing brands which are common across Europe. We have a large stock with the guarantee that we can always deliver immediately.

LPG and CNG converter

LPG – CNG Van Meenen has a workshop with several specialized technicians who are ready to do your LPG or CNG conversion as well as to provide the after-service. The workshop is equipped with enough lifts and all specialized tools to ensure smooth processing. Here you feel and see the energetic atmosphere needed to deliver quality work and serve all customers smoothly. We offer the guarantee that when an appointment is made to perform a maintenance, it will be ready within the hour. In other words, the driver can wait. The coffee etc. is ready.

Family business

We are a family business run by 4 brothers.

Photo of the brothers running the company.
From left to right: Ives, Andy, Kristof and Dennis Van Meenen.