Advantage CNG

Advantage CNG calculated for Chevrolet Camaro bj. 2020, 2.0T 275HP

Tax advantage

For the Chevrolet Camaro 2.0T, you pay no registration tax and no tax on traffic. The conversion to CNG thus brings an advantage of 2,591.64 euros.

Annual traffic tax and Tax on traffic tax for Chevrolet Camaro – on gasoline. Calculated on

Saving on fuel

For every kilo of CNG you consume about 1.66 liters less gasoline (I assume high-calorific gas). The current price in DATS in Eeklo is 0.95 euros for CNG. For gasoline, that’s 1,013 euros.

Converted, if you fill 1 kg of CNG at 0.95 euros, it would cost 1.68 euros with petrol. Or if you fill 100 euros of petrol, it will cost 56.49 euros with CNG. That’s an advantage of 43.51.

I would like to say: normally the advantage of CNG is much higher. The price of gasoline has dropped very sharply in the last 2 weeks. I expect that the price of CNG will also fall as a result.