DT-GAS was a Polish manufacturer of LPG parts. Unfortunately, the manufacturer DT-GAS is no longer active and therefore these parts are no longer made. However, we have replacement parts in stock for all parts.

Have your DT-GAS LPG installation serviced by us. We have the adjustment equipment for the correct adjustment of your LPG installation.

D.T. GAS SYSTEM has two injection systems: GasTech 700 and GasTech 400. These systems are intended for vehicles with petrol engines and multipoint injections.

The GasTech 700 system is intended for more recent vehicles, while the GasTech 400 system is an injection system for vehicles manufactured for the year 2000.

LPG parts of DT-GAS


This injector “blue tech” was developed by DT-GAS itself. In the event of a defect, this injector can be replaced immediately on site.


The filter for the D.T. Gas System must be replaced every 20,000 kilometers. This filter is available from stock.