LPG bottle


Filling LPG at the gas station, that’s much more convenient!

An LPG bottle is particularly useful for people who regularly need gas while abroad.

You know, the problem. You are abroad and your gas bottle is empty. The Dutch or Belgian exchange bottles cannot be filled, nor exchanged in France, Spain, Spain, Swiss country, Portugal, Norway and Finland.

This problem is with our LPG bottle off the track. You just refuel at the gas station.

You’re in control

On the LPG bottle a contents meter mounted on which you can see how much the bottle is filled. This way you have control when you need to refuel.

With the normal exchange bottle there is no content meter, so you have to guess when the bottle is empty.


Moreover, this system is much safer than with the traditional gas bottle: A filler limiter ensures that the bottle is never filled more than 80 percent. In addition, there is a spring protection that ensures that the bottle does not explode if the pressure in the bottle becomes too high.

LPG refueling at any time

If the bottle is empty or half full, you can refuel LPG at any time.

You won’t trade a regular gas bottle until it’s completely empty. And even though you think it’s empty, there’s always a small amount of gas left in the bottle.

Legislation to fill LPG bottles

For the Flemish Region, filling the LPG gas cylinders and LPG tanks for motorhomes is regulated in the Vlarem. You will find an extension from the Belgian State Magazine of 31/07/95 art. Below is an automatic translation from to English.

The following points are important:

§ 2: ONLY LPG containers which are on board motor vehicles and may be filled as fuel. However, LPG containers with a capacity less than or equal to 60 litres used for the heating or kitchen installations of caravans or motor homes may be filled subject to compliance with the following conditions:

1° the tanks equipped with footrests, a filling connection with double recoil valve, a gas phase reduction, a liquid pointer, a safety valve and a test tap.
2° the tanks may not be filled by self-service, they may only be filled by the operator or by a duly informed appointee after it has satisfied that these tanks are equipped with the above mentioned equipment, that the tanks provide the test date and calibration stamp in Article and that the period of retrial has not been exceeded.

Only bottles that meet the specifications above may be filled at the LPG petrol station. Other bottles should not be filled under any circumstances.

Other bottles should under no circumstances be filled at an ordinary gas station.

Inspection of LPG bottles

New LPG bottles have a validity of 10 years. After that, they need to be re-inspected. You can have this inspection carried out with us. We carry out the inspection every Tuesday. If you bring the bottle in to us at the latest on Monday, you can pick up the bottle back on Wednesday. Bringing and picking up on the same day is not possible.

If you bring the loose bottle, there is no need to make an appointment. You can just bring the bottle in. If you bring in the bottle on Monday, it will be ready from 9 am on Wednesday.

At the time of the inspection, the date of inspection is stamped in the bottle (month and year). From that date, the bottle will be valid for 10 years.