LPG installation for direct injection with Prins VSI-DI

LPG installations for direct injection

New kits are available with Prins VSI-DI. With the kit from Prins VSI-DI, a wide range of vehicles can be equipped with an LPG installation (autogas).

Highlights in the new DI list:

  • Universal VSI-3 DI Basic ABC Kits
  • 1.5 TSI (DFYA)
  • New Ford F-150 3.5 & 5.0L MY 2021
  • Hyundai/Kia 1.6 T-GDI (G4FE / G4FT / G4FP)
  • BMW 3.0 (B58 B30)
  • Ford 1.0 (B3GA)
  • Honda 1.0 (P10A2)
  • Renault Megane RS 1.8TCe used Tractor
  • Volvo 2.0 (B420T2) on CNG
  • Suzuki 1.4 (K14D) on CNG

Landi Renzo: Expansion of feasibility list of direct injection engines

Landi Renzo has the following new developments for direct injection cars on LPG:

Which car can be converted to LPG? Download on our website the full lists of cars which are developped by different brands.

Please note that LPG-CNG Van Meenen can develop any car. Also the ones that are not in the lists, even 6 and 8 cilinder engines.