BRC Sequent

BRC SEQUENT is a multipoint sequentially controlled autogas system.

We have the equipment for adjusting your BRC Sequent system. Replacement parts are in stock.

Operation of the BRC SEQUENT system

The petrol ECU (steering computer) calculates how much fuel the engine needs to perform optimally. In this calculation, the petrol ECU takes into account the requested performance, temperature, speed, drive-ability, emissions, and so on….
From all these parameters, the petrol ECU then calculates an opening time of the petrol injectors.
The ‘SEQUENT’ system translates (interfaced) the opening time of the petrol injectors to the LPG/CNG injectors. In this way, while driving on LPG / CNG, the gasoline ECU continues to perform all programmed diagnoses unchanged (of course the gasoline injectors are switched off).
The OBD system also continues to function as it should both while driving on gas and petrol. The recalculation of the petrol injector signal is done via algorithms that ultimately ensure that the LPG/CNG injector injects into the same cylinder as the corresponding petrol injector. (ECU SLAVE)

Because ‘SEQUENT’ works in series with the petrol system, all original adjustments and programming of the petrol ECU remain in operation and are copied, as it were, 1 on 1 while driving on LPG / CNG. Think of, for example, speed limiter, interruption of the injectors when unloading gas, control of exhaust gases, traction control, etc …

The ECU compensates for engine aging by permanently adjusting the home folders. As a result, ‘SEQUENT’ evolves with the condition of your engine.
The emission test results show that with ‘SEQUENT’ the emissions of a EURO 3 vehicle still improve considerably and are close to a EURO 4, and this also in the long term. The tests ran over a longer period of time so that the aging factor of the catalyst was also included (aging). Errors of an original component of the engine registers the petrol ECU and reports it to the driver. This function is fully retained. Should the LPG system go wrong, the ‘SEQUENT’ ECU will, after localization, immediately and automatically switch to gasoline and thus protect the vulnerable catalyst and the engine.

In addition, exhaust emissions remain within the norm. The vehicle therefore remains within the OBD standard under all circumstances and at all times. With an optical and/or acoustic signal , ‘SEQUENT’ informs the driver if the engine automatically switches from gas to petrol. It is therefore not necessary to make the switch via the OBD known because the vehicle simply remains within all set OBD standards.

‘SEQUENT’ also automatically switches to petrol when the gas tank becomes empty. The driver can therefore keep both hands on the wheel and does not have to unnecessarily operate the fuel selection switch himself while driving.