Bigas LPG and CNG kits

Manufacturer LPG installations

Bigas International Autogas Systems has been part of the select group of leading automotive gas companies for more than twenty years.

BIGAS has always had a prominent position in the development, production and distribution of LPG systems for passenger cars.

BIGAS develops and produces everything in-house. Which gives her the opportunity to respond appropriately to a rapidly evolving car market. A team of engineers is constantly working on the innovation of its products.

Bigas has a state-of-the-art machinery and test centre equipped with the necessary roller test benches and diagnostic equipment.

CNG-LPG Van Meenen assures you a high-quality LPG installation, tailored to your car. This is achieved, among other things, through our close cooperation with bigas engineers.

LPG evaporator Bigas RI 21-JE up to 120 KW with integrated valve
LPG evaporator Bigas RI 21-JE up to 120 KW with integrated valve


Technical developments in the field of automotive electronics and petrol engines are faster and faster. Modern petrol engines are equipped with a sequential multipoint petrol injection system that works with the entire vehicle electronics via a CAN bus system.

Bigas’ response to these technical developments is the Bigas SGIS PREMIUM. This is a high-tech multipoint sequential in line LPG injection system, developed by Bigas entirely in-house during a 6-year development period.

SGIS PREMIUM guarantees you optimal engine performance and consistently low exhaust gas emissions in combination with a very competitive price. The new Bigas injection system is one of the few systems currently on the market that is able to communicate without difficulty with the ECU’s of EURO-6 engines. Absolute novelty are the new silent LPG injectors that inject the LPG pulse formation and timed for each cylinder separately.

Bigas LPG evaporator RI21
Evaporator Bigas RI21


Bigas SGIS PREMIUM system works according to the master-slave principle, which means that the gas injection times are determined by the petrol computer. This is why there is no difference between driving on gasoline and driving on gas.

All the original functions of the modern EURO-6 engines continue to work and exhaust gas emissions also meet the strictest standards with the SGIS PREMIUM system.

Since the system only works on the petrol injectors, few electrical connections need to be made, which reduces the risk of poor contacts or hard-to-find failures to a minimum. It is no longer necessary to install all kinds of simulators to ensure proper operation.



The LPG supply for the injector is controlled by a new SGIS PREMIUM evaporator. This evaporator evaporates the liquid LPG from the tank to a controlled pre-print of 1 to 1.6 bar. New is the MAP (manifold pressure) reference input with which the controlled LPG pressure varies slightly with the engine vacuum.

CNG evaporating Bigas RI27-J


The SGIS PREMIUM computer makes the calorie calculation for LPG based on the
injection times generated by the petrol computer and transmits the edited injection times
gas injectors.

Special is the electrical control for the LPG injectors that are controlled to 6V and are therefore independent of battery voltage and/or temperature variations. The Closed loop flow control for injector controls the opening time using the feedback flow signal in such a way that the calculated LPG quantity is actually injected.

The SGIS PREMIUM computer is designed to withstand the most
extreme temperature fluctuations and vibrations. Due to its handy size, the system can also be installed in the smallest engine compartment.

The ECU is OBD/CAN sent, i.e. during driving on LPG the injection is permanently optimized using the OBD/CAN data. As a result, your vehicle will consume less and drive better on LPG.

LPG Schakelaar

The switch is designed to be placed in any free place in the dashboard. The switch is equipped with LEDs to indicate whether the car is running on gas or petrol and to indicate the amount of gas. The engine automatically switches to petrol when the LPG tank is empty. You will then be alerted by a sound signal and by a flashing of the tank display meter.

Double LPG evaporator Bigas
Double LPG evaporator Bigas for a double power


Each cylinder has its own injector. The injectors are completely silent. The injectors in the premium system do not work with a plunger but with a membrane. As a result, the injector is less sensitive to dirt and oil that can occur in the LPG. And that contributes to a longer life of the injector.

Valve lubrication

For optimal protection of your valves, the Bigas SGIS PREMIUM system offers the possibility to inject petrol while driving on LPG. We recommend this for the most valve-sensitive engines.
This way, your valves are permanently lubricated by the petrol addition. We recommend adding 50 millilitres of Flashlube at a full petrol tank (we have a special packaging for this). As a result, your petrol together with the Flashlube additive will optimally protect your valves, even while driving on LPG.
In order to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption, the petrol addition is based on the load on the engine. With heavy loads, relatively more petrol will be injected.
For an average driver, you have to count on a petrol consumption of 2 to 5 percent.

A separate valve lubrication can also be mounted.