Bigas Evolution 2003


The Bigas Evolution 2003 is designed in such a way that it can withstand temperature fluctuations and vibrations without much difficulty. The system has an automatic petrol start with a precisely adjustable switch speed. The switch can be done both at acceleration and at deceleration.

The evaporator Bigas is of the electronic type and is known for its stability and durability.

The switch is designed to be placed in any free place in the dashboard. The switch is equipped with four LEDs to indicate whether the car is running on gas or petrol and to indicate the amount of gas.

The injector simulator ensures that your car’s engine diagnostic system does not register fault codes.


LPG gas valve
LPG gas valve

An automatic petrol start-up system with different settings
With a fuel meter
Emergency start-up system in case of a defect
Exceptionally good start properties due to automatic switch to LPG at deceleration at a very accurate ly adjustable frequency


The three gas valves automatically close when the engine is turned off.