Land Rover CNG

New Land Rover Discovery now also available with CNG

New Land Rover Discovery is now available with CNG (or natural gas). The CNG installation was developed at Van Meenen in Eeklo.

The CNG tanks are mounted at the bottom of the car, so you don’t lose a seat in the suitcase. CNG you can easily fill behind the petrol valve.

Motorization: Si4 Ingenium 2.0 HSE petrol automatic with 300 hp (221 KW). This engine also appears in other models of Land Rover and Jaguar. Of course, all vehicles with this engine can be equipped with an LPG or CNG installation.

We can also convert this Land Rover to LPG. Van Meenen converts (almost) every engine to LPG or CNG. Like wise for this Land Rover Discover, no one did it to us. The development takes place entirely in-house. Ask for a free quote for your car.

This Land Rover with CNG is available from DR Motors in Bruges

Other Jaguar and Land Rover models with CNG are also available from DR MOTORS. New or 2nd hand. More than 200 cars in stock.

Monkswerve 205
8000 Bruges
+32 50 737 911

You save 5,972.68 euros in tax the first year

In 2020 you will pay no traffic tax and no registration tax. The first year you save 5972.67 euros for the Land Rover Discovery on natural gas.

Also interesting tax advantage with LPG

Also with LPG you have an interesting tax advantage. On this Land Rover with LPG you save 2582.16 euros on the total traffic tax.

Low-cost fuel price

At the cost of your fuel you save more than 40 compared to petrol. Read more…

LPG is definitely the cheapest fuel

LPG tank you are currently starting at 0.241 euros per litre. With LPG you use about 15 more than on gasoline.

Petrol station with LPG at 0.241 euros per litre on 25 March 2020

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