Is it safe to drive on LPG?

Contrary to common belief, LPG is not only the cheapest fuel but also the safest. Indeed:

1. Filling is done in an airtight manner unlike other fuels that allow vapour to pass through, which is the real reason for most accidents at the pump.

2. The tank is made of a metal several millimeters thick, unlike the current gasoline tanks which are plastic.

3· LPG by definition being a gas burns better than gasoline and diesel.

4· A system prevents the filling of a tank to more than 80 percent, because a slight relaxation can be generated by an increase in temperature, so you can roll and refuel without fear even during hot days.

5· Because LPG is odourless, a substance is added to prevent leakage

6· Tank stiffness has already been tested many times in different tests and these show that LPG tanks are much more resistant in case of shock than others.

7 · Tanks are tested every 6 or 10 years to ensure they are still strong enough.

8· During the technical inspection, your entire installation is screened by experts who will report any defects in your installation.