Flashlube Injector Cleaner

Flashlube, the number 1 supplier of fuel additives, has launched the latest in the field of sulfur-free synthetic Injector cleaning.

Flashlube Injector Cleaner uses the latest technology in the field of synthetic fuel additives. It is designed to clean, protect the fuel system by providing excellent lubrication properties and ensuring that your engine continues to perform to the maximum. Due to the change in the composition of gasoline, especially reducing sulfur, your engine now needs more than ever the extra protection that Flashlube Petrol injector Cleaner offers you.

Sulphur naturally has a lubricating effect. By reducing sulphur in the gasoline, its lubrication also disappears. This may cause problems with the components related to the fuel system such as injectors, fuel pump and seals.

European reports have shown that since its introduction in 2004, petrol with low sulphur content, the number of cases involving clogged fuel injectors has quadrupled.

Flashlube tackles these problems with its superior lubrication effect. It keeps your fuel system clean and free of carbon “eraser” and enamel accumulation. The unique sulphur-free formula will reduce fuel consumption as well as the emission of harmful substances.


Flashlube injector Cleaner is essential in use in all gasoline engines such as;

  • Cars and 4x4s
  • Vans
  • Agricultural, industrial and marine gasoline engines
  • Of course anyone who wants to save on petrol costs and at the same time want to achieve better consumption and a longer life of the engine


  • Cleans injectors and fuel system
  • Improves consumption
  • Lubricates injectors, pumps & cylinder head
  • Perfect lubrication in low sulphur/free fuel
  • Improves performance
  • Fewer start problems
  • Less harmful emissions
  • Extends engine life
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Smoother engine running


  • Synthetic basis, using the latest technologies
  • Available in 50 & 250 ml packaging
  • Competitively priced
  • Super concentrated

Mixing ratio
1 litre covers 1000 litres of fuel