Flashlube Diesel Fuel Conditioner with Sulfur Replacement

Flashlube Diesel Fuel Conditioner is a 1st class diesel additive that uses latest developments from the oil industry. Practical and laboratory testing has produced impressive results in terms of engine performance, fuel consumption and emissions.

There are clearly measurable improvements observed when Flashlube Diesel Fuel Conditioner is used. Drivers will appreciate the benefits. The engine runs smoother, smoother and has a longer technical life, so lower maintenance costs.

Flashlube Diesel Conditioner is specifically designed to clean, lubricate and protect the cylinder head. You save money by reducing fuel consumption, in addition, you contribute to a better environment because by applying the latest developments in the field of synthetic substances, emissions of harmful substances decrease.

The use of Flashlube Diesel Fuel Conditioner is recommended when using all diesel engines such as:
Road: Truck, bus, 4×4, passenger& vans
Agricultural: Tracktower, diesel agregates, etc.
Industrial: Generators,
Maritime: Diesel engines of vessels


  • Better fuel consumption (up to 6.5) & power
  • Cleaning injectors and fuel system
  • Lubrication injectors, pumps & cylinder head
  • Perfect lubrication especially in low sulphur diesel
  • Reduces the formation of diesel smoke and harmful emissions
  • Suitable for fuel filters & gaskets
  • Extended technical life of the engine
  • Extends fuel shelf life
  • Less foam when filling quickly
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Vergruist gum deposit

Product properties

  • Available in packaging of 50mL, 250mL, 500mL, 1L, 5L, and 20L.
  • Competitively priced
  • Developed for the latest generation of diesel engines
  • Suitable for fuel filters and elastic polymers
  • Protection for diesel engines, especially for those who want to switch to low and ultra low sulphur diesel content.
  • Chlorine-free
  • Economically in use 50 ml covers 50 ltr fuel

Mixing ratio
1 ltr covers 1000 ltr Diesel fuel