New catalog Valtek

Please download hereby the new catalog 2022 with accessories from the brand VALTEK.

You will find the codes and images of all available items and related spare parts and accessories for your LPG or CNG application. We have most common items in stock (please sheck our webshop on

If you are searching for a particular item, please email me to or send a Whatsapp message (+32474335656).

Landi Renzo: Expansion of feasibility list of direct injection engines

Landi Renzo has the following new developments for direct injection cars on LPG:

Which car can be converted to LPG? Download on our website the full lists of cars which are developped by different brands.

Please note that LPG-CNG Van Meenen can develop any car. Also the ones that are not in the lists, even 6 and 8 cilinder engines.

Catalogue of LPG and CNG parts in pdf

Download our catalogue for LPG and CNG spare parts here. Prices in pdf catalogues have not been updated since March 2020. We are working on a new platform on which our dealers can buy parts online at current prices.

Old catalogues in pdf

Attention! Not all products are always available.

LPG kits for direct injection

LPG-CNG Van Meenen developed lpg installations for direct injection engines in-house. This can be done for both LPG and CNG. The engine code doesn’t matter. We offer a solution for virtually any direct injection engine.

Below are lists of LPG installations that have already been developed for direct injection of different brands. Most kits are available from stock.

Abbreviations used for direct injection at the various car brands:

Alfa Romeo = JTS
Audi = FSI
Ford = SCI
Mercedes = CGI
Mitsibishi = GDI
Opel = DGI
Renault = IDE
Seat = FSI
Skoda = FSI
Toyota = D-4
Volkswagen = FSI

LPG kits direct injection according to brand

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Is it safe to drive on LPG?

Contrary to common belief, LPG is not only the cheapest fuel but also the safest. Indeed:

1. Filling is done in an airtight manner unlike other fuels that allow vapour to pass through, which is the real reason for most accidents at the pump.

2. The tank is made of a metal several millimeters thick, unlike the current gasoline tanks which are plastic.

3· LPG by definition being a gas burns better than gasoline and diesel.

4· A system prevents the filling of a tank to more than 80 percent, because a slight relaxation can be generated by an increase in temperature, so you can roll and refuel without fear even during hot days.

5· Because LPG is odourless, a substance is added to prevent leakage

6· Tank stiffness has already been tested many times in different tests and these show that LPG tanks are much more resistant in case of shock than others.

7 · Tanks are tested every 6 or 10 years to ensure they are still strong enough.

8· During the technical inspection, your entire installation is screened by experts who will report any defects in your installation.

LPG installation on Lada Niva

At the Lada Niva, a tank can be mounted at the bottom, provided that the exhaust is moved. A tank is possible of 60 liters.

No road tax and no registration with CNG (Flanders)

Lada Niva is nowadays often converted to CNG. You make an important saving because you do not pay a registration tax (until the end of 2020).

Land Rover CNG

New Land Rover Discovery now also available with CNG

New Land Rover Discovery is now available with CNG (or natural gas). The CNG installation was developed at Van Meenen in Eeklo.

The CNG tanks are mounted at the bottom of the car, so you don’t lose a seat in the suitcase. CNG you can easily fill behind the petrol valve.

Motorization: Si4 Ingenium 2.0 HSE petrol automatic with 300 hp (221 KW). This engine also appears in other models of Land Rover and Jaguar. Of course, all vehicles with this engine can be equipped with an LPG or CNG installation.

We can also convert this Land Rover to LPG. Van Meenen converts (almost) every engine to LPG or CNG. Like wise for this Land Rover Discover, no one did it to us. The development takes place entirely in-house. Ask for a free quote for your car.

This Land Rover with CNG is available from DR Motors in Bruges

Other Jaguar and Land Rover models with CNG are also available from DR MOTORS. New or 2nd hand. More than 200 cars in stock.

Monkswerve 205
8000 Bruges
+32 50 737 911

You save 5,972.68 euros in tax the first year

In 2020 you will pay no traffic tax and no registration tax. The first year you save 5972.67 euros for the Land Rover Discovery on natural gas.

Also interesting tax advantage with LPG

Also with LPG you have an interesting tax advantage. On this Land Rover with LPG you save 2582.16 euros on the total traffic tax.

Low-cost fuel price

At the cost of your fuel you save more than 40 compared to petrol. Read more…

LPG is definitely the cheapest fuel

LPG tank you are currently starting at 0.241 euros per litre. With LPG you use about 15 more than on gasoline.

Petrol station with LPG at 0.241 euros per litre on 25 March 2020

Legislation for LPG installations

The main legislation for the installation of LPG installations in vehicles is published in the official gazette on 5 April 2013:

  • MARCH 7, 2013. — Royal Decree on the use of liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) for the propulsion of cars, bl. 21412
  • MARCH 7, 2013. — Ministerial decision implementing Article 18 of the Royal Decree of 7 March 2013 on the use of liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) for the propulsion of cars, bl. 21519.

LPG sticker required

Sinds 2013 is een LPG sticker verplicht. U kan deze bij ons online bestellen, conform het ontwerp en afmetingen zoals bepaald in het Belgische staatsblad.

Inspection lpg tanks

Tanks zijn gekeurd voor 6 of 10 jaar (i.p.v. 15 jaar). Na deze termijn dient een herkeuring gebeuren van de tanks, waarop de tan opnieuw voor die periode geldig is. Bij tanks onderaan gemonteerd, bedraagt de geldigheid 6 jaar, bij tanks gemonteerd binnen in de auto bedraagt de geldigheid 10 jaar.

Training, recognition and examination LPG installer

Approval LPG installer

In order to become an approved installer, you must meet 3 conditions:
– a correct administrative dossier,
– a compliant workshop & installations,
– a licensed mechanic

You apply for recognition from FPS Mobility and Transport. Once you are recognized you will be on the list of approved LPG installers.

Training courses for LPG mechanic

Regular training is provided by the VDAB for LPG installer. These will take off in Wondelgem.

There are 2 types of training:

  • Further training recognized LPG mechanic. This training is provided for LPG mechanics who are already recognized.
  • Training for recognition to LPG mechanic. This course usually continues shortly before an exam is scheduled.

Lpg installer’s exam

The approval numbers are only assigned by the Ministry to installers who hold a competency certificate (in their own name or in the name of an employee) – delivered by EDUCAM after passing the practical exam, validated by the Ministry.

First, you must pass the theory exam.
After that, you will have access to the practical exam.
You will be called upon to do this within six months of passing the theory exam.

If the two exams are passed, one receives the certificate of LPG mechanic.

Please note! Access to the exams is reserved for holders of a certificate of auto mechanics, car electrician or peers and to people who can demonstrate that they have at least three years of professional experience as auto mechanics or car electricians.

In order to prepare for the exams, following a specific course is recommended, but not mandatory.

Internship for LPG installer

U heeft een opleiding gevolgd of volgt een opleiding voor LPG installateur en zoekt een stageplaats? Of u bent studeren moe en wil aan de slag als leercontract bij een LPG-installateur?
Regelmatig zijn er plaatsen vrij in het dealernetwerk van LPG Techniek Van Meenen (dus over gans België). Contacteer Ives Van Meenen voor meer info.

Cooperation with schools and universities

As a dynamic organisation, we find close cooperation with schools and universities. We would like to give our full cooperation for final works, thesissors or doctoral studies. Schools can also organise a company visit with us on site in Eeklo. In addition, at a greatly reduced price we supply parts intended for research or educational purposes.

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