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VAN MEENEN introduces flexible gas pipe

Dear customer,

As from now the latest product innovation on gas hoses is available at VAN MEENEN. The flexible hose made from synthetic material increases the ease of installing for every autogas installer considerably. Moreover the installation goes a lot faster thanks to this innovation.
This synthetic hose allows you to install this particular part of the autogas installation much easier and faster than with the current copper pipe.   

The flexible hose is available as a set of 6 mtr. including connections or in a 50 mtr. coil. Available diameters of the pipe are 6 and 8 mm. The connections are obviously also available individually from the pipe.

From now on the connections are also available for 4-hole tanks!

Download here the pricelist

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N.B. The copper pipe will not be replaced by the flexible pipe.
       This will be available as usual.

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