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Traditional systems for CNG

Bigas Pegaso


Pegaso is the advanced system by Bigas for traditional conversion (not sequential system) to LPG and CNG of catalytic veichle. The Ecu Pegaso, controls carburetion by a programmable and auto-adaptive microprocessor, and able to maintain optimum stoichiometric ratio between air and alternative fuel (cng or lpg).
System homologated up to Euro 4.


The PEGASO system is composed by:
- Pressure reducer
- PEGASO ECU ables to control electronically carburetion
- Mixer
- Accessories according to type of veichle such as lpg or cng solenoid valve, emulators, etc.

The cng M96 reducer is suitable for all automobilies up-to 100kw engines. It is available a turbo version for higher powers.

The ECU (electronic central unit), detecting in real time signals of lambda probe, RPM, and throttle position sensor (T.P.S), controls gas quantity to the mixer, to obtain optimum air/fuel ratio.
The gas flow is regulated (controlled by the ECU) with an electro-mechanical actuator, with inside a stepper motor.

The mixer, mixing gas with air, distributes uniformly the mixture inside the manifold.

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