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LPG - CNG for Cars - Campers - Fork lift Trucks - Generators - Boats - Karts - Scooters
Distributor for: Bigas, GFI Control Systems, IMPCO, LIMA, GZWM

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Order Flashlube online

The Price for one liter of oil FLASHLUBE is 19,25 euro.


- Buy 4 liters, get 1 free liter (so 79 euro for 5 liters).
Forwarding costs the Benelux countries, D, Fr, GB: 10 euros.

- Buy 8 liters, 2 free liters (so 158 euro for 10 liters)
+ get free delivery.

To order is very simple

To transfer the total amount towards our bank account. Write in the communication "the number of article X the quantity".

This are the numbers of article:

FLASHLUBE oil 1 liter: 190003

FLASHLUBE oil 5 liters: 190004

Oil is sent towards the address which ist mentioned on the extract of the account. If you wish that we send oil towards another place, you must send an e-mail to vanmeenen@vanmeenen.com with the correct address. Please in this case also add "address change" on the extract.

You can also pay with credit card. Please send the form "credit card information request" to ives@vanmeenen.com.

For example:

You want to order 5 liter of FLASHLUBE oil. You transfer the amount of 89 euro (= 79 euro for oil + 10 euros for the forwarding costs).

You want to order 10 liter of FLASHLUBE. You will transfer the amount of 158 euro (0 of forwarding costs).

On the extract you write for example: "1x 190004" for 5 liters or "2x 190004" for 10 liters.

In this case the package is sent to the address which was to mention on the banking extrat.

To send

FLASHLUBE is sent by DPD, DHL or Fedex. Our account is controlled daily at 9 hours in the morning. If the amount is on our invoice, the package is still sent the same day.

Delivery from stock within 48 hours.

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