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What is Valve Saver Fluid?

Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid is a concentrated Lead Replacement Additive formulated to minimise Valve Seat Recession (VSR) in LPG, CNG & Petrol Fuelled Vehicles.

This proven formula also contains a combination of additives that cleans fuel injectors & fuel systems, increases fuel economy and reduces emissions.

Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid is safe to use in vehicles fitted with catalytic convertors & oxygen sensors.

Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid is essential for use in LPG, CNG and petrol powered vehicles, and can be directly injected by using the Flashlube Automatic Lubrication Kit. It cleans & lubricates the upper cylinder & creates a protective barrier between the valve & valve seat, keeping valves & seats cool.


Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid should be added directly to the tank just prior to filling, to ensure best mixing, at a rate of 50ml per 50Litres. It can be also automatically injected to the engine via the award winning Flashlube Automatic Lubrication Kit, providing complete driving confidence when using Petrol, LPG or CNG fuels.


Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid is essential for LPG, CNG, & petrol vehicles. It is also suitable in all two & four stroke engines such as motorbikes, lawn mowers & outboard engines. (Must be used with normal fuel/oil mixture). You will find the same great Flashlube qualities shine in these applications. The engines will become easier to start, keep spark plugs and combustion chamber areas clean, cool & lubricated, leading to a longer engine life and a smoother running engine.


  • Available in a range of sizes from 50 mL to 205 Litre.
  • Safe to use with Catalytic Convertors and Oxygen Sensors.
  • Refill Small Bottles from Larger Containers Save Dollars
  • Easy Pour Bottles
  • Easy to Measure Container
  • Bottle Heat-Sealed for safety
    LPG Kit


  • Protects Valves and Valve Seats
  • Cleans Injectors and Fuel Systems
  • Increases Fuel Economy
  • Reduces Harmful Emissions
  • Cost effective when compared with competitor products
  • Economical 50 ml treats 50 Litres of Fuel.

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